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Beavercreek has been a fantastic strategic partner to work with. Their level of communication is exceptional and they strive to not only meet but exceed expectations.

Golden 1 migrated 800,000 members from one digital platform to another which required a slew of new educational tools, guides, etc. Beavercreek assisted with the largest online migration in the CU’s history. We used the suite of products offered by Beavercreek to educate members and employees regarding the capabilities of the new platform.

The content they delivered was clear, concise, and was well received by Golden 1 Senior Leadership, including the CEO and Board of Directors.

The Click-Through Demos are intuitive and very helpful. Any time you can offer that ability is a win for the FI and its members for educational purposes. That said, we used most of what Beavercreek had to offer from User Guides to videos and all of it was brilliantly done.

- Aaron K.

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We recently upgraded to OEC Pro and Beavercreek specialists were there every step along the way, helping us transition the new features into our organization and website.

We’ve always had excellent customer service. Outstanding communication, knowledgeable and friendly.

We couldn’t be happier with all the How-To Videos and Click-Through Demos. These are a huge value for not only our customers but our employees. The content is always current and very easy to embed in our website. In the ever expanding digital age, both these tools help drive existing tech apps to long-time customers who’ve never used it and new technology offerings to all.

- Jason G.

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I have had nothing but great experiences and interactions with the Beavercreek team. The services provided are of high quality and the staff helps us with any questions and updates.

Within the past few years we launched MoneyiQ which was an extremely easy project from our end. Beavercreek handled most of the heavy lifting and did a great job training the bank on how to publish and post content. The MoneyiQ literacy and education videos are of high quality and are a nice complement to our banking services.

The Click-Through Demos are very important and a great tool to show our customers how to use our electronic services which aids in the onboarding process. We rely on our demo videos, especially the business banking related services such as Business Online Banking. Our Cash Management Officers use these tutorials every day to assist our business customers with adopting our electronic services and can point our customers to how they can help themselves so they can get their questions answered even when we are closed. A huge plus!

- Andrew F.

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I have loved working with Beavercreek on our system upgrade marketing campaign. As a community banker, I wear lots of hats. The girls I worked with at Beavercreek helped me keep my ducks in a row and keep my project moving forward.

The team at Beavercreek was nothing short of excellent from the beginning when I started working with them on our system upgrade—something that came with a lot of work and unknowns. But, these guys have provided great guidance and support along the way. I was very pleased with their performance, knowledge, very quick turn-around times, and professionalism throughout this project.

The content Beavercreek provides is fresh and relevant while also being compliant and professional.

- Kasey C.

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The Beavercreek Marketing products played a major role in our debit card conversion. The customized campaign helped us to inform and educate both our customers and employees to navigate the upcoming changes well.

The content created for our bank has been excellent for both our customer and employee use. The information is easy to understand and eye catching. The videos and content have been a great source for us to share both internally and externally. They are simple and well done.

The representatives and their willingness to help is second to none. They are polished, professional, accessible and quick to respond.

- Juliann J.I.

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