The Risk Assistant tool was built to help financial institutions with the complex and ongoing task of completing risk assessments for each of their online banking products. This tool is designed to assist with the latest FFIEC guidance – “Authentication and Access to Financial Institution Services and Systems.”

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What You Get

Sample Question 1: Internet Banking
Sample Question 2: Person to Person Transfers
Sample Question 3: Automated Clearing House
Sample Question 4: Social Media
Sample Question 5: Scope of Risk Assessment
Sample Question 6: Business Bill Pay

Simple, Comprehensive
Risk Assessments

The Risk Assistant tool allows you to prepare risk assessments simultaneously for multiple online banking products, right from the web with no software to install. It uses a simple survey format with hundreds of questions (add more as needed), and allows you to compare and contrast the responses across all of your products. Assign your own risk ratings and list controls for each category. You can also create inherent and residual risk ratings, assign an overall rating for each product, and track the history of ratings.

Multiple Users

  • Multiple user access
  • Automates the process for issuing assignments to others
  • Track completion of assignments and due dates
  • Ideal for managing the risk assessment process
  • Compartmentalize user access to Risk Assessment without impacting OEC, Click-Through, and MoneyiQ access


  • Updates and new survey questions are delivered as needed for new regulations, new products, and major product upgrades
  • Updates are included with the annual subscription


  • Secure online access
  • Hosting facilities are SOC-certified
  • Strong encryption is applied to all user input fields and passwords
  • Optional out-of-band authentication service is available for no additional charge (Message and data rates may apply)


  • A variety of reports for different recipients from fully detailed to executive summary
  • Print executive summary and full reports for each product
  • Save PDF reports on your own computer or hard drive
  • Reports include the inherent risk rating, residual risk rating, and your list of controls and management findings for each category

Products Covered by the Risk Assistant


A2A Transfers


Consumer Deposit Capture






Mobile Banking


Mobile Deposit Capture


Online Applications


Online Bill Pay


Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments


Personal Online Banking


Social Media Risk Assistant for the 2013 FFIEC Guidance on Social Media


Telephone Banking

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