MoneyiQ and Business MoneyiQ provide financial institutions with access to a library of content surrounding financial literacy, including cybersecurity, fraud prevention, identity theft, and much more.

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Within the past few years, we launched MoneyiQ, which was an extremely easy project from our end. Beavercreek handled most of the heavy lifting and did a great job training the bank on how to publish and post content.

What You Get

Practical Financial Education for Every Stage of Life

This library of resources can help your financial institution meet FFIEC and CRA regulatory guidelines by providing education-based content on a variety of financial topics in an effort to better assist account holders in making wise financial decisions.

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Consumer MoneyiQ content is designed to speak to your personal account holders. These individuals have a variety of concerns, from preparing for retirement to budgeting for their household, to helping young adults prepare for college financially and avoiding local phishing and smishing scams.

These topics will help the underbanked households in your community to become more financially sound, protecting themselves and their loved ones.

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The Business MoneyiQ library is designed to help the small business owner trying to start a business as well as protect their investment and grow their company. Content from the library can also be used for B2B presentations or as a backdrop for conferences.

Our business library covers topics such as making a business plan, business financial accounts and loans, interacting with customers, workplace policies, using social media wisely, protection against cyber threats, and much more.

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The MoneyiQ videos are great to share on social media, especially anything providing awareness on cybersecurity, scams, etc.

Maximize Potential

How to Use Your Content

Utilize your MoneyiQ content to provide a variety of ready-to-use resources within your marketing channels. Whether you’re looking to improve a monthly newsletter, your social media strategy, or digital lobby displays, our platform provides all the tools you will need.

By distributing this education to both account holders and staff through a variety of channels, you’re able to reach your users wherever they are with your MoneyiQ content. Utilizing content in a variety of scenarios will help you get the most value from your subscription.

Financial Literacy:

Build success by educating account holders.

  • Content for Consumers

  • Includes Social Media Manager,
    Lobby Display App, and Email System*

  • Web-Ready Embed Codes

  • Beavercreek Support Team

  • Content for Small Businesses
    (Business MoneyiQ)

  • Support for Underbanked

  • Support Marketing Demands

  • Self-Service Learning

  • Financial Literacy and
    Cybersecurity Education

  • Helps Meet FFIEC &
    CRA Guidance

  • Up-To-Date Topics