Great Content Deserves to be Shared

Through a subscription to our Plus and Pro packages, your content is paired with access to all our Digital Distribution Tools. Depending on the needs of your financial institution, we can set up some or all of the distribution channels below. Each of the tools is tied to your content through our platform for easy distribution to both staff and account holders.

Web Embeds

Keep the most recent versions of OEC videos, interactive click-thru demos and MoneyiQ content live on your institution's website with web embeds. These allow us to host your content and apply changes directly, giving you complete control with none of the hassle. The embed codes strive to meet ADA and WCAG standards.

  • Use homepage banners to draw attention to new product releases and upgrades and to direct users to educational resources

  • Reach your account holders with educational information, strategically placed for a fully interactive experience

  • Get customized embeds at no additional cost

  • Work with our Web Services Coordinators to get the perfect look for your website

MYFI Mock-EducationCenter
MYFI Mock-LearningCenter

Learning Center

Create your own courses, or choose and edit courses from a Beavercreek-created library. Courses can be made up of OEC and MoneyiQ videos, slides, PowerPoints, handout attachments, and quizzes.

  • Create and manage user groups

  • Track progress and quiz scores

  • Receive automatic notifications for when new courses are available

Integrated Email

Easily stay in touch with your account holders by using our integrated email system to deliver a combination of your own content and Beavercreek Marketing education. Whether you are working to launch a new Fiserv product, generating a monthly newsletter, or just keeping your account holders informed on what’s happening at your financial institution, our integrated email system has the tools you need, all built around CAN-SPAM compliance.

  • Easy access to pull your OEC, MoneyiQ and Business MoneyiQ content into your emails

  • Built-in video to demonstrate new products and promotions

  • Multiple avenues of approval to make sure everything you send is previewed and approved

GettyImages 1027603700-edit-screen

Lobby Display

Keep your brand presence at the forefront of your client experience with the lobby display system. Arrange your content in a variety of ways to educate and inform your account holders, complete with ads, weather, RSS feeds, and announcements.

  • Provide dynamic video education, digital announcements and more

  • Create playlists from your Beavercreek library of videos and add your own

  • Get automatically updated content through our widget

  • Manage the in-branch messaging and experience right from your office

Social Media

The Social Media Manager powered by SOCi helps your team to manage social interaction and develop a proactive attitude toward your social media presence.

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SOCi was selected as the winner of the MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Social Media Management Platform.

  • Post one message to multiple social media networks

  • Manage consumer engagement

  • Schedule and post from a calendar view

  • Manage reputation

  • Store assets within your own library for your team to access easily

  • Proof and approve each post your team creates using administration approval settings

  • Prioritize custom notifications within SOCi and your inbox to ensure quick response to account holder comments and reviews

  • Measure growth of your social media through full reporting

MYFI Mock-EducationCenter
MYFI Mock-EducationCenter
MYFI Mock-EducationCenter
MYFI Mock-EducationCenter
quote 2

SOCi is a good platform through Beavercreek that assists on the social media end. It helps keep me organized with scheduling out posts/content, and it’s also convenient to work within the SOCi platform for everything.

Not sure which distribution channels are right for your financial institution? We can help!